Baby Massage

“A loving massage by a parent enriches a baby’s body and soul, and softens many of the “bumps in the road” for a new baby and his or her family. I have worked with countless families who were worn out because of a fussy baby. They tried everything, including taking long rides in the car at night to calm the baby – and, perhaps, to steal a few moments of quiet.With the exception of babies with medical problems, the rule, rather than the exception, is that massage greatly reduces (if not resolves) fussiness within the first week. This gets the family out of crisis, and helps both baby and parents to sleep better. And since it doesn’t take long to see positive results, most parents are motivated to learn more. Looking forward to meeting you and your baby soon! Aoife.”

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Baby Massage class

Meet other mums and babies and learn all about baby massage in a small group setting over a five weeks course in The Pilates Studio, Drurys Ave, Midleton. Cost €100


One to one sessions

learn all about baby massage in the comfort of your own home.


Gift vouchers

For a unique baby present why not give a new mum or dad a gift voucher for baby massage classes? They will thank you for it!!

Note: Courses are partially covered by some major health insurance companies


Did you know that giving your baby a daily massage can…

help to relieve colic, wind and constipation

help calm babies who are difficult to settle

soothe babies and help them sleep better 

help develop muscle tone

relieve nasal and chest congestion.

help parents understand their babies needs and cues

can really help mums who might be feeling the baby blues

To book your place on the next course or for any other information do not hesitate to contact me.

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First Aid and Baby massage Classes by Aoife Ryan BMI/EFR available thoughout Cork